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the qlick rider

Hi, I’m Jhong Medina. I’m an IT Professional, Software and Web Developer; SEO Specialist, a Blogger, IT Consultant and this time  a Novice Motorcycle Rider.

I created this blog to help promote safety driving for new motorcycle driver like me. My goal is to share what I’ve learned,   experienced and to avoid my mistakes from happening again. This is for the newbie like me … enjoy the freedom of a safe motorcycle driving.

Proud Member of Rouser Rider Club!

As a Blogger…

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I’m the author of the following blogs: Qlick Tech Blog – http://www.qlickcafe.com/blogs/ (Technology Blog)

“For tech news, qlick tips, games, gadgets, web design, seo, and   enterprise solutions”

RizalPark.Org –  http://www.rizalpark.org/ (An Advocacy Blog)

“Aim to help  promote the largest urban park in Asia and Dr. Jose Rizal works and heroes legacies”

Qlick New Online (QNO) – http://www.qlicknews.com/ (Personal Commentaries and News Portal)

“Sports, Entertainment, Political News and commentaries in a FLASH!”

Administrator and Founder of Phil. Blogger Support Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/philbloggersupport/

Welcome, Have fun and Ride Safely!

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