How do you keep your black Rouser shinning black?

Someone ask me last bike (Kawasaki Rouser 180) meetup “tambayan” how do I keep my “motmot” (lingo for motorcycle) black and shinny. I just smiled and did not answered….(because it’s top secret! nah! Just kidding.) Althought its not that special. I’m only maintain a regular visit in the carwash and a regualar maintainance using the following product from my bike garage.



1. Tutle Wax Color Magic – Colour Enhancing Spray Wax – I bought it in a local Ace Hardware Store in the automotive section. It is use for all shades of black paint.  It maintains the black shine of my tanks and fairings. I bought it for Php 349.75

2.  3M Swirl Mark Remover – I use this  to removes water marks and swirl marks. I bought it for only Php60.00. It is consumable for more than one applications.

3. 3M Auto Scratch Remover – it removes light coarses of scratches and oxidation from paints.  For only Php 44.75 it is consumable for many applications.

4. Armor All Original Protectant – for my leather seats and finishing shine and protection. The 295ml only cost me Php 129.00 at my local autostores.

5. Rain – Harry Tire Black – for the ream and tires.  The 100ml bottle only cost Php79.75 and good for several applications.

6. 3M Microfiber Detailing Cloth – actual it has a 2 variety. The yellow one is much expensive but it really give a pretty good finishing shine than the other one, I only use the cheaper for drying  and the 3M Microfiber Detailing (yellow) for detailing or finishing. I think it 3M Microfiber detailing cloth cost around Php 120 per pc and the cheaper  only cost 180.00 per 3 sets. (See below image.)

7. A Regular Dish Washing Soap – for washing and removing mud from the mud guards and tires.


That’s it.  I often maintain or apply the above products on a weekly basis and do a regular daily light wash using the liquid dish washing soap and dry it using the 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth. But when time comes it becomes really muddy and dirty I bring it to my nearest car wash for pressurize cleaning.

So this is what I do, how about you? Do you also use the same products that I used? Feel free to share your side or questions below. I may post application or usage guidelines soon.  Ride safe guys!