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It gives me goosebumps every time I watch this. I hope you’ll watch it and can reflect on it too.

So guys always look twice before changing lane! Kudos to the people behind this short film. ‘Hope I can do a pinoy version of this video.

Ride Safe #RRC!

One thought on “Look Twice

  1. Good reminders!

    Riders can help, too, by not weaving in and out of traffic at top speeds, as if the same laws didn’t apply to them. (Last weekend was the first pretty weather in a while, so we saw a good mix of safe riding and irresponsible weaving and racing on the freeway.) My dad used to ride. One of my coworkers was injured badly last year in a wreck. I always do these suggested things around cyclists, and have taught my kids to be extra careful, too. But it terrifies me to watch the ones who ride as if they’re going to live forever, too. I’m so glad to see you urging safety for your friends.

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