Yesterday night, ‘was the RRC Caviteneos’ Official “Tambayan” Bike night schedule. We’re back from my alma mater tambayan at Shell Anabu in Imus Cavite infront of Puregold Imus. This is where my first made my first attendance, first ride, first “semplang sa buhangin” and first meet the group. I arrived a little late because I need to pickup my wife from work in Carmona because she’s curios of what’s happening in our “tambayan” bike nights.

What we usually do in our Rouser Riders Club Tambayan?

As discussed during my orientation with Sir Jeff, the tambayan is a place where we get to know each other.  This is where we discuss on how to promote and improve the group. As he explain yesterday, any member has a voice and can speak up to the group.  In RRC there’s no status stratum, no rich or poor, no white collar worker nor blue. In the Rouser Riders Club Tambayan, we are all equal and we are all brothers,

Aside from it’s a place where we get to know each member, it is a place where we consult problems and share tips in maintaining our motorcycle. In our RRC Tambayan,.. this is where our SENIOR MEMBERS, “yung mga inuugat” share their experiences and provide training to our young and novice members.

Lastly, in our RRC Tambayan… this is where we share our horrible jokes and “kabaklaan antics”. This is where every one stays for an hour or two to have fun with the group.

Before I end this post, I would like to congratulate Erwin Sanchez from North Chapter for graduating with flying honors! Just Kidding! “Isang bagsak guys!”


 BTW, Yesterday agenda and discussion to follow guys! So what do you think of our tambayan? Where’s your first tambay? Ride Safe Bros!

January 8, 2015 Tabayan Attendance


Mateo Recana
Mark Christian Mendoza
Joel Agustin
Jerwin Cruz
Knight Thunder
Jhong Medina
Jhunx Erjecito Jr.
Erwin Sanchez (GRADUATE )
George Sapungan (PARE KO)
Ryan Atong
Eric Lazarte