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Bike night “Tambayan” at Shell Anabu, Cavite in Front of Puregold

Yesterday night, ‘was the RRC Caviteneos’ Official “Tambayan” Bike night schedule. We’re back from my alma mater tambayan at Shell Anabu in Imus Cavite infront of Puregold Imus. This is where my first made my first attendance, first ride, first “semplang sa buhangin” and first meet the group. I arrived a little late because I need to pickup my wife from work in Carmona because she’s curios of what’s happening in our “tambayan” bike nights.

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Welcome to The Qlick Rider – My Motorcycle Adventures

Welcome to The Qlick Rider My Motorcycle Adventures.  My name is Jhong Medina a motorcycle newbie at this time.  I created this blog so that I can record and share my lessons/mistakes/thoughts  about my motorcycle  riding experience as a newbie . I hope  it will help other newbies like me to avoid these mistakes and learn from my experiences and enjoy a safe motorcycle rides and adventures.

My Ride – Kawasaki Black Bajaj Rouser 180


BTW, meet my ride – QLICK a black Kawasaki Baja Rouser 180.  As of today , he will be turning three (3) months this coming December 6, 2014.  We have our fair share of ups and downs, which I will be sharing for next set of my post.

Hope you enjoy your stay! Have a safe Ride Bros!