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RRC Tambayan Journal – August 06, 2015


Before anything else, I would like to recognize the presence of following members from yesterday’s Tambay Night :

1. William Villadores
2. Alfred Santos
3. Micheal Doneza
4. Lance Hizon
5. Kevin Pedron
6. Eugene Sibug
7. Byan Quinzanos
8. Mwie Uragon
9. Bobby Osida (Aspirant)
10. Snifer Fred Gangoso
11. Sarito Pogoso
12. Richard De Leon
13. Ferdz
14. Rico Supetran
15. Jhong Medina
16. Marty Guevara
17. Roy T. Diamoy
18. Joel Solis
19. Micah Dominguez
20. Jerwin Cruz

Back Riders
Mrs. Geneglen Villadores
Ms. Yeye

Outline of the Meeting:

I. Recognition of Members and Special Mention RRC Alabang Members

Traditionally in every Tambay Nights, it usually start with the introduction of members present and where’ they are from. Yesterday was a special night because we have visitors from RRC Alabang . These were:

Snifer Fred Gangoso
Sarito Pogoso
Richard De Leon
Jerwin Cruz

2. Request for Support of our RRC fellow member from Fairview – Allan Christopher Daluz


It was also tackled last night, the assistance request of our fellow member from RRC Fairview. The group have gathered Php500 for his sister-in-law and was turned over to Sir Rico Supetran.

3. RRC Batangas Chapter in the Making – Roving Tambay August 17, 2015 – Monday

4. Sharing Feedback from another club member from the J.P. Morgan Charity Ride

5. Review of the Activites for August 2015

6. Raffle


The Importance of Motorcycle Riding Training

quot;https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10202413944989296″ data-width=”466″>

Unfortunately motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence and when they do happen they often lead to serious injuries. Knowledge of motorcycle safety riding is the only way to make sure that you are able to avoid an accident and a serious injury. This is why it is so important that you pay close attention to safety when you are riding a bike. One reason I’ve joined Rouser Riders Club, because they provide safety riding tips, orientation and training not only provided by the club but also by other respected organization like the MRO – Motorcycle Rights Organizations.

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Brotherhood + Ride for A Cause


I would like to share my photo that i took last RFAC (Ride for A Cause) Mission last January 25, 2015 at Dao Elementary School in Cavite. RFAC, RRC and together with other clubs members, we were able to donate school supplies to the children/students of the school’s Day-Care to Grade 6 students.

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RRC – Bonifacio Historical Ride

Bonifacio Day Historical Ride | Rouser Riders Club
Bonifacio Day Historical Ride | Rouser Riders Club

“Kung ang bayang ito’y nasa panganib At siya ay dapat ipagtangkilik Ang anak, asawa, magulang, kapatid Isang tawag niya’y tatalikdang pilit…”

“If our land with danger is threatened
And help must be quickly forthcoming,
Children, wife, and parents and brothers
At her first call we must abandon. “

The above verse came from the poem of Andres Bonificio’s “Pagibig sa Tinubuan Lupa” , signifies the Supremo’s (Bonifacio known Aliases) love for our country. In celebration of today’s Bonificio Day(November 30, 2014 ), one of the Rouser Riders Club’s advocacies is to promote our national heritages thru educational rides. Spear-head by RRC Eric Lazarte, the Rouser Riders Club invited riders to join the educational “Bonifacio Historical Ride” to help promote our national history.

Rouser Riders Club at Tejeros Convention
Mr. Eric Lazarte discussing the “Mga Aral ng Katipunan sa Kartilya” at the Casa Hacienda – Tejeros

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